Workers in H&M Factory

Hey H&M, you seem to be quite lost. Or did you forget your destination altogether?

You committed to reaching Living Wage for workers who make your clothes by 2018.

Remember that, H&M? You even drew up a roadmap, and you got loud cheers from all over the world.
It looks like you threw the roadmap out the window and you now need some help to get to your original destination before 2018 is over.

Here’s a short version of what you need to do:

  • Turn around
    Turn around
    to stay true
    to your commitment
  • Go straight
    Go straight
    to your suppliers
  • Turn right
    Take the right turn
    to make sure workers
    get paid a living wage

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Destination: Living Wage

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Delve deeper

H&M produces fancy Corporate Social Responsibility reports and many long-worded approaches, pilot schemes and roadmaps. However, the reality in the factories is often strikingly different.
We have gathered research, interviewed workers in several countries, and also preserved some of the promises that H&M "conveniently" removed from earlier versions of their website.