In 2013 H&M committed to ensuring living wages by 2018, which brought the brand a lot of positive media coverage. Now H&M is trying to cover up that commitment, pretending they have been saying something else all along.

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of workers making H&M clothing still cannot lift themselves out of poverty with the hard work hidden behind the glossy storefronts.

H&M has the financial means and the power to stay true to their original commitment. Not only that – they could even go beyond that and cover their whole supply chain.

You have a voice in determining H&M’s course of action! 

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You could also tweet one of these messages:

I want workers behind @HM clothes to be paid a living wage – as #HM promised they would be by 2018! #TurnAroundHM #LivingWageNow
I want #LivingWageNow for workers in @HM supply chain! #TurnAroundHM - Stop turning your back on the living wage commitment! #HM
Hey, @HM, you committed to making sure that workers are paid a #LivingWage by 2018. Make it happen, #HM! #TurnAroundHM #LivingWageNow

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I want people who make the clothes I buy from you to be paid a living wage. Please H&M, stop turning your back on the commitment you made in 2013 and make sure workers get a #LivingWageNow! #TurnAroundHM
I was shocked to learn about poverty wages at your "gold" and "platinum" supplier factories. Those workers were covered by your commitment to a living wage by 2018! No more empty words, H&M, I want workers to be paid a #LivingWageNow! #TurnAroundHM
It is important for me to know that workers who make my clothes can have decent lives. To begin with, I expect you to stay true to the commitment that 850,000 garment workers will get a living wage by 2018. #TurnAroundHM #LivingWageNow