Demands to H&M

Five years have passed since H&M unveiled its living wage road map and promised that 850,000 workers would be paid a living wage by 2018. Yet, workers recently revealed poverty wages and labour rights violations in factories that were covered by that promise. Enough is enough! More than 130,000 people have already made a clear and urgent demand: You need help to put this in practice, H&M? Below is a list of key measures and specific demands to get you going in the right direction, right away!

Living Wage

  • pay workers making clothes for H&M a living wage.
  • human rights, including the right to a living wage, must be ensured to all workers

Be Transparent

  • show how much workers earn without overtime and bonuses
  • show how you calculate a "fair living wage" and what it is in each country
  • show how labour costs are calculated for H&M garment
  • show how much more you would pay to enable a living wage
  • tell us the outcomes of H&M living wage pilot projects and what lessons you learned
  • outcomes of efforts within initiatives such as ACT

Due Diligence

  • respect all applicable laws (on minimum wages, overtime, etc.) throughout the supply chain
  • human rights, including the right to a living wage, must be ensured to all workers

Freedom of Association

  • ensure that freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected in all workplaces in H&M’s supply chain
  • respond positively to trade unions’ calls for negotiating collective agreements for employees in retail, logistics and other workplaces in H&M’s supply chain

Employment Relations

  • provide secure employment for all H&M (and subsidiaries’) employees
  • provide secure employment for workers employed by H&M’s (and subsidiaries’) suppliers and other contractors
  • stop precarious, short-term contracts and “jobs on-call work”

Purchasing Practices

  • implement time-bound, specific actions
  • make long term, sustainable commitments to factories and other business partners
  • pay enough for ordered garments to enable the payment of a living wage at workplace level

View the Demands and some specific cases (PDF)