Delving deeper

Research conducted in 2018 revealed that many workers making H&M’s clothes in factories covered by H&M's living wage commitment still work for poverty wages. Our research publications (below) present the findings from four countries, based on interviews with 62 workers.

You are also welcome to take a look at the background document which presents the original commitment that H&M made in 2013 and is now trying to erase from collective memory.

Wage Research - September 2018

This is the full version of our research, including interviews with workers.

Total length is 17 pages

Wage Research - September 2018 - summary

This is the summary version.

Total length is 8 pages

Background document: H&M's Roadmap and how it changed.

A full background document, including the promises that H&M made on their website before removing them...

Wage Analysis: H&M's lack of real progress

Finding the real numbers behind the smoke and mirrors that H&M presents

Background document: CCC's full response to the ETI evaluation of H&M's policy.

The Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) made an evaluation of H&M's wage policy. We disagree with several of their conclusions, and explain why.